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Gary was born with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. After six hours of blood transfusions, the doctors had no hope that he would ever function at a normal level. Under the best of circumstances, his parents were told, the most they could hope for was a child with a severe learning disability. Not wanting to give up on their son, Gary’s parents began working with him at home. At two years of age, Gary was enrolled in a school for children with special needs. Within a few weeks he was working on a computer. With constant stimulation and unrelenting guidance, Gary began reading words and short sentences at the age of four. Next came the Pre-K program, elementary school, and Gary’s fifth grade graduation where he received the Presidential Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence.

Having made the honor roll almost every year in high school, this outstanding young man graduated in 2010 among the top twenty fifth percentile of his class. Gary is now in college and a member of Phi Theta Kappa. He also spends a lot of time raising money for TIRR Memorial Hermann’s new robotic floor, which helps people with disabilities and injuries become more independent through robotics. Gary hopes to become a sports attorney one day and eventually go into politics. He plans to continue The Gary J. Lynn Foundation, supporting research which will benefit all those who are afflicted with cerebral palsy.

Gary refuses to be defined by his disability. He has a wonderful sense of humor and an extremely quick wit. Cerebral palsy may have confined him to a wheelchair, but his mind and unbridled spirit make him stand 10 feet tall. Those of us who know him are in awe of his ability to confront adversity with amazing grace and are honored to be considered among his friends.

Gary is an obsessed, ultimate sports fan and has begun to dabble some in the political arena. He also maintains a Facebook Page, which we encourage you to visit.

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Ground-breaking research to assist people with Cerebral Palsy in their daily lives and to ultimately find a cure for CP is taking place as you read this. Exciting breakthroughs are right around the corner. However, research and breakthroughs cost money. Therefore, the best way YOU can help is to DONATE!

The Gary J. Lynn Foundation puts together their own events, such as the “Rid the World of Cerebral Palsy” Annual Golf Tournament and other events to raise needed money to help fight this disease.

Unfortunately, tournaments and events will not raise enough money to solely eradicate Cerebral Palsy from the lives of people like Gary. is doing their part to help. However, The Gary J. Lynn Foundation NEED YOUR DONATIONS, TOO!

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